Press Release

RELEASE:  BioSpec MD’s Antimicrobial Finish, Aluminum Oxide Wearlayer and Through-Construction Work for Healthcare



BioSpec is Mannington’s through-construction resilient sheet flooring popular for heavy load and high maintenance areas in healthcare settings. Engineered with the pattern all of the way through the tile for exceptional resistance to stains, cuts and gauges, BioSpec also has QuantumGuard HP, the only wearlayer with aluminum oxide – the second hardest material after diamond – patented by Mannington. BioSpec comes in 72 colors, offering the perfect color every project.


Mannington is also now offering BioSpec MD with mCare. mCare incorporates an antimicrobial agent into the wearlayer - helping reduce the exposure that hospitals have because of secondary infections. According to the CDC, more than 90,000 people die each year from secondary infections; more than $10 billion is spent by hospitals annually to treat these infections, and most of it is not reimbursable by insurance.


BioSpec MD comes in the colors most often specified for critical care areas, and is available on all 72 colors of BioSpec by special order.