Press Release

RELEASE:  Mannington Adds to Award-Winning Sobella Fiberglass Flooring Line



In response to the consumer’s desire for new patterns and styles to choose from this spring, Mannington is expanding its nature-inspired Sobella fiberglass flooring offerings.   9 new patterns (a total of 29 SKUS) will be added to the Sobella Deluxe, Sobella Supreme and Sobella Omni collections; and will arrive at Mannington Sobella retailers starting in April 2012.

Sobella Deluxe--7 Patterns, 21 SKUS
A new collection, Deluxe fits snugly between “Prime” and “Supreme” and provides a wide range of colors and styles in this new “Better” category:

  • Encore’s character, coloring and realistic grout lines deliver the look and feel of real 12” slate tiles but with the added comfort, durability and low maintenance consumers want.  Encore is available in three dramatic hues:  Curtain, Backdrop and Stage.
  • With a nod to Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Coral Bay captures the unique, subtle texture of the world's largest living coral reef system.  This 36” pattern infuses interiors with a tranquil sensibility and comes in two seaside-inspired hues:  Sea Shell and Day Break. 
  • Beautifully rustic and textural, Muir's Point captures the look and feel of centuries-old slate.  Richly hued with stunningly realistic detail, this 12” pattern is available in three colors:  Natural Pumice, Riverstone Blend and Mountain Plateau.
  • Northcrest evokes imagery of sand-swept, sun-kissed beaches. A realistic stone look, enhanced by a 9” checkerboard layout, Northcrest is available in two warm hues: Harbor Mist and Coastline.  
  • Serena is an authentic marble look in a staggered rectangular layout.  The soft hues and smooth texture of this flooring adds a modernist touch to interiors.  Hues include: Sand Dune, Pebble Beach, Volcanic Ash and Coastal Cave.
  • Rockwell’s 6” design captures the essence and rich color play in authentic travertine; and looks great in contemporary and traditional interiors.  Rockwell comes in four hues: Blossom, Meadow, Cobblestone and Woodland.
  • From the rustic docks of the Carolina coastline comes the inspiration for Hatteras.  This 4” oak pattern captures the distinct characteristics of weathered wood down to time-worn knotholes and saw marks.  Colors include:  Overcast, Harbor and Rocky Coast.

The Sobella Deluxe collection makes its debut at Surfaces 2012.  It's an ideal fit for price-conscious consumers who also value the style, quality and “Made in the USA” commitment that Mannington delivers.

Sobella Supreme--1 Pattern, 4 SKUS

  • Cambridge captures the true beauty of natural slate--rugged character, realistic shaling and bold coloring.  Simultaneously, Cambridge also delivers a contemporary twist on this classic 12” slate look via an unexpected staggered layout.  Its four hues include:  Flagstone, Brownstone, Greystone and Limestone.

Sobella Supreme flooring features NatureForm Optix™ for natural, realistic looks; ScratchResist™ and Guardian™ Protection; plus, Mannington's Never Yellow Warranty for ultimate durability and ease of maintenance.

Sobella Omni HD--1 pattern, 4 SKUS

  • Poseidon is a natural addition to the most visually stunning fiberglass flooring line on the market today.  Time-worn and historic, these large 16” tiles epitomize all the characteristics of ancient Biblical stone and are available in four colors: Lightning Strike, Inferno, Thunderstorm and Earthquake.

Like all Omni HD flooring, Poseidon is created with NatureForm® HD Technology for incredible realism and image clarity that's 200 percent sharper than traditional vinyl flooring.  This flooring is also thick (150 mils) and durable (20 mil wear layer) with ScratchResist™, Guardian™ Protection and GottaLoveIt Gguarantee (a Mannington exclusive).