Mannington Flooring Residential ceramic porcelain tile floor

Residential Flooring Products

Nothing says "Welcome Home" like a Mannington floor.
Whether your first step in the door is onto resilient, laminate, hardwood, or porcelain tile, you can be sure the welcome will be warm and inviting. 

It all starts with one word:  inspiration.  Every design begins with inspiration from the latest trends in home decor, fashion, and color.  And once we've got the perfect look, we use Mannington exclusive technologies to produce the most durable, easy-to-live-on floors you can buy.

Our floors look better because they really are better. We are proud to say that we've won more awards for style and performance than any other flooring company, a tradition we're committed to continuing.  And each of our floors offers environmental attributes you won't find anywhere else, thanks to Mannington's innovative approach to product development. 

So choose a floor from Mannington with confidence.  Confidence that you are getting the best-looking, best-performing floors on the market today.

Welcome home.

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