Mannington Flooring Sustainability Environment

Our Commitment to Sustainability

What We Believe
We believe that everything we touch has a ripple effect, reaching out far beyond the immediate impact of our actions. 

We believe in doing the right thing for our customers, our neighbors and our products, as well as the environment we share.  At Mannington, sustainability comes down to the decisions we make every day – throughout the company – and how those decisions flow outward to the world around us.

Actions Speak
At Mannington, our position is clear and straightforward: Actions Speak.  With that in mind, we choose to focus on what we as a flooring company can do to increase our operational efficiency and product performance while decreasing our use of resources and our impact on our surroundings.

Born from our mission, "To Be The Best People To Do Business With In The Flooring Industry", it also means that we look beyond our everyday commitment to customer service, toward product innovation and legacy. And as a family-owned, fourth-generation company, we know a little about legacy. It's not just a good marketing story; it reflects our company’s values and vision and that they extend well beyond the next quarter, and into the next generation.

We talk honestly about what we’re doing, without over-claiming or misleading.  And by speaking publicly about our environmental initiatives, we are always open to suggestions on what we can do better.

A Culture Of Innovation
Innovation is a big part of who we are. We’re always examining our operations and investing in new technologies to make continual environmental improvements. Not just because it’s good business, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Good People Doing The Right Thing
We feel a responsibility to be good neighbors and good people to do business with. At each of our sites throughout the country, our associates are deeply involved in their local communities, helping with their time, their dollars and their belief in a better world for the generations to come.