Hardwood Moldings and Trims

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Moldings and trims are used to join areas of flooring with other surfaces for a finished, elegant look to your new hardwood floor.

Moldings and Trim Options

Quarter Round Molding Quarter Round:  Creates a subtle blend between the floor and the wall.  May be used with Wall Base.
Wall Base Molding Wall Base:  Borders the wood floor at the base of the wall for a finished look.  May be used with Quarter Round.
Reducer Strip Molding Reducer Strip:  Joins the wood floor to another floor of a different height, such as resilient or low-pile carpet.
Baby Threshold Molding Baby Threshold:  Finishes the edge where the wood floor ends.  Also designed to make different floors 'fit' together, such as where wood meets high-pile carpet.
T-Molding T-Molding:Joins wood floors in two separate rooms.  Also recommended as a transition between the wood floor and another floor of approximately the same height, such as porcelain tile.
Step Down Molding Step Down:  Protects and beautifies step and stair edges, which take the majority of foot traffic.