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Mannington Laminate Moldings provide the "perfect finish' for your floor.  The stylish laminate-wrapped moldings provide a perfect match and join areas of laminate flooring to other adjacent floor types in your home.

Moldings and Trim Options

Reducer Strip Laminate Molding

Reducer Strip

For joining Mannington Laminate Floors to another floor of different height, such as resilient or low-pile carpeting.

Quarter Round Laminate Molding

Quarter Round

The rounded shape of Quarter Round molding creates a subtle blend between the floor and the wall. May be used with Wall Base molding.

End Cap Laminate Molding

End Cap

Typically used at exterior doorways to finish the space where the Mannington Laminate Floor ends. It's also used to transition from a laminate floor to a carpet.

Step Nosing Laminate Molding

Step Nosing

Used to add a finished look to steps created by subfloors of different heights. Step Nosing comes in an Overlap profile. With the Overlap style, the lip overlaps the flooring on the top or "tread" of the stair or step down.

T-Molding Laminate Molding


Provides a smooth transition between a Mannington Laminate Floor and the floor covering in the adjoining room. T-Molding is designed for floor surfaces that are approximately the same height. It's also used as an expansion joint when covering large areas with laminate floors.

Wall Base Laminate Molding

Wall Base*

This molding borders the aminate floor at the base of the wall to give the room a finished look. May be used with Quarter Round molding.
*Wall base only available for certain Mannington laminate floors.