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Mannington 101 Getting Started with selecting flooring 

Hello there! If you are like the “average American homeowner,” research shows that you purchase new flooring about every seven years. So you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed right now.  After all, some of the floors you will see on this site didn’t even exist seven years ago - like Luxury Vinyl and Adura.  At Mannington, all we make is flooring – and we’ve been doing it since 1915.

Where to begin in selecting and shopping for new flooring

First, you should consider all your options, and decide which one best fits your lifestyle and decorating style. Read below, or visit our Floor Finder to get started.

  what is adura luxury vinyl tile plank sheet laminate hardwood porcelain ceramic tile flooring

LUXURY VINYL SHEET FLOORING offers exceptional cushiony softness underfoot, easy maintenance and a wide variety of patterns and colors that – thanks to today’s technology – look and feel very much like the natural material they replicate.




ADURA® FLOORING is high-performance, and high-style.  Thick and durable, yet soft and flexible, this luxurious vinyl floor comes in planks and tiles to give you the look of the ‘real thing’ without the worry.


LAMINATE FLOORING  is best known for its durability.  It’s practically indestructible, and is a snap to keep clean.  And as for style, it also uses advanced technology to achieve realistic wood and tile looks and textures that install by just ‘clicking’ together. The wood looks are even more realistic now that they come in single planks, with texturing and beveled edges – just like real wood.
Mannington Laminate flooring Tile


PORCELAIN TILE FLOORING is both harder and stronger than regular ceramic tile, so its performance is better – it resists staining and offers superior wear resistance.  Natural porcelain tile enhances your home both inside and out and can be used on floors, walls, shower stalls, countertops, etc.  And Mannington porcelain offers a selection of decorative accents to help you customize your décor.

HARDWOOD FLOORING offers natural beauty and warmth.  It comes in a variety of domestic and exotic species, as well as a variety of widths and thicknesses.  And Mannington manufactures only engineered hardwood floors, which offer greater dimensional stability than regular wood floors, so they can be installed on, above, or below grade. 




RESILIENT FLOORING is also known as ‘sheet vinyl' and has been around for decades.  But it’s certainly not your grandmother’s floor!  Today’s technology allows for extremely realistic replication of natural looks and textures like stone, slate, and wood.  It’s easy to clean and maintain, budget-friendly, and only Mannington resilient contains recycled content, too.