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Better Products

What we make matters.

Where others say, “It can’t be done,” we invest in innovative product design and manufacturing processes that keep waste out of landfills, improve closed loop recycling and reduce environmental impact. Enabling you to find choices that work for your commercial projects.

Few of these good choices in smart product are featured here – to find out about the specific green attributes of each individual product, please visit the product section of our site and click on the environmental attributes button.

Post-Consumer Recycled Content

As part of our commitment to keeping materials out of landfill, we incorporate high amounts of post-consumer recycled content across many of our product platforms. Our broadloom (UltraBac RE and Integra HP RE) and modular (Infinity RE and rEvolve) carpet backing systems incorporate a minimum of 10% post-consumer recycled content. Relay RE resilient sheet utilizes 20% post-consumer carpet in its construction and our Premium Tile products (ColorPoint, SolidPoint, Brushwork, and VCT Progressions) all contain post-consumer VCT. And, of course, we include a significant amount of pre-consumer content in many of these products, too.

Drywall to Flooring

When we learned about the massive amounts of drywall choking landfills, we redesigned some products to incorporate pulverized gypsum claimed from regional construction sites. We are the only flooring manufacturer incorporating drywall into flooring; each week, several tons are recycled into premium tile.


Vinyl alternative carpet backing that does more than promise – it performs. rEvolve, our closed loop recyclable thermoplastic olefin modular carpet backing, has a minimum of 40% total recycled content (including minimum of 10% post-consumer) recycled content and also 3-5% rapidly renewable resource content. Designed to be fully recyclable without the enormous expense of energy required for some other carpet backings, rEvolve also meets Mannington performance standards, which we ensured through extensive testing prior to launch.

Better products

Environmentally preferable products have a reduced impact on human health and the environment. Defining what makes a product environmentally preferable is evolving, as manufacturing abilities improve and standards are raised.

Many of our hard and soft surface products have been certified as environmentally preferable to the rigorous standards of leading certification associations.

What this means for you

Don’t just take our word for it. Our products have been put to the test. As a result, many of them help contribute for credits in green building systems such as the US Green Building Council’s LEED rating system. To find out which qualify to contribute to LEED credits, visit our Learn to LEED page.

Which Mannington products are certified as being environmentally preferable?

Scientific Certification Systems judges products against standards including the EPA’s Federal Guidance on Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, ISO 14001 principles and procedures and more. For a listing of Mannington Products certified as sustainable choices, visit the SCS sustainable choices listings.

NSF International, the Public Health and Safety Company™, coordinates the development of nationwide standards for public health, energy and energy efficiency, biobased and recycled content, manufacturing, reclamation and end of life management. We have worked with NSF to certify hard surface flooring; for a list of Mannington products that meet these standards, visit the NSF website. View more details on our 3rd Party Certification page.

Partnerships for better products

We work with Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) to facilitate the design, construction and operation of greener schools. Mannington products that meet their standards include hetereogeneous sheet, ICORE, laminate, inlaid homogeneous sheet, and VCT, and carpets that meet both FloorScore for hard-surface and Green Label Plus indoor air quality standards. Learn more on the CHPS website.

We also work with the Green Building Initiative (GBI), a not for profit organization founded to accelerate the adoption of building practices that result in energy-efficient, healthier and environmentally sustainable residential and commercial construction. GBI offers and operates the Green Globes™ online assessment protocol, rating system and management tool.

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