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Choices That Work
We are using post-consumer drywall in our Premium Tile Flooring

Like the design process, the manufacturing process is full of choices. At Mannington, we strive to find choices that work, ensuring superior product performance, aesthetic appeal, and environmental consideration. Our end goal is to help our customers create an interior space that is environmentally responsible, aesthetically beautiful, and, above all, a healthy place to work and live.

drywall into flooring
That’s why Mannington Commercial has taken the industry lead in utilizing drywall waste in our manufacturing process. It’s called our Drywall into Flooring initiative. Partnering with a regional reclamation partner, Mannington diverts tons of post-consumer drywall waste from the dumpster to the production plant every week. Since the inception of our Drywall into Flooring program in 2006, Mannington has reclaimed and recycled an average of 200 tons of drywall per year into new usable flooring product.

diverting waste streams. reducing landfill.
Drywall makes up one of the largest waste streams of the construction industry. The National Association of Homebuilders estimates that for every 2,000-square-foot house built, one ton of drywall waste is produced. The commercial market boasts similar numbers. This same gypsum is then used by Mannington for floor tile or carpet production.

our goal: be a net user of waste
A top priority at Mannington is to capture and use more waste than we create. Our Drywall into Flooring program is another way Mannington strives to be a net user of waste. To this end, Mannington is committed to producing flooring as cleanly, conservatively, and efficiently as possible.
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