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Mannington offers a wide variety of options in each product category to help your project earn points toward LEED certification.

Which LEED 2009 Rating System is right for your Project?

Green Building Design and Construction
LEED for New Construction
 • You are building a new commercial, office, or institutional building.
 • You are building a new hotel or residential building of 4 or more habitable stories.
 • You are renovating an existing building.
 • The owner or tenant will occupy more than 50% of the leasable square footage of the building.

LEED for Schools
 • You are building a new K-12 school or renovating an existing K-12 school.
 • You are building a new nonacademic building on a school campus.

Green Interior Design and Construction
LEED for Commercial Interiors
 • Your project is a tenant fit-out of an office, retail, or institutional space.
 • Only tenants who lease their space or do not occupy the entire building are eligible.

Green Building Operations and Maintenance
LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance
• You are operating an existing commercial or institutional building including: offices, retail and service establishments, institutional buildings, hotels, and residential buildings of 4 or more habitable stories.
• You are performing a system upgrade or minor space-use change, or minor facility alterations or additions of an existing building.
• This is a whole building rating system; individual tenant spaces are ineligible.
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