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Product : Vermont Maple
Environmental Specifications
Adhesives Meets VOC content limit of SCAQMD Rule #1168.
Quantum Guard HP Quantum Guard HP wearlayer can eliminate the need for harsh cleaning agents, strippers and polishes. Quantum Guard HP's proven performance keeps product on the floor longer - one of the most significant ways to lessen the environmental impact.
Purple Martins An environmentally sound approach to insect control - attracting purple martins. These birds eat lots of insects. We have purple martin gourds in our facilities and the populations of these migratory birds are growing.
Sample Return One of the simplest ways to conserve resources is to reuse what we can. Return samples utilizing our postage-paid return labels and we will reuse the sample and send it on to the next user.
Department of Energy Better Plants Partner Energy is a critical resource for our company and to our country. Mannington has set an ambitious goal to increase our energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Over the next ten years, we will reduce our energy intensity by 25%. We have partnered with the US Dept of Energy and are now nationally recognized as a Better Plants Partner.
FloorScore Meets FloorScore certification for VOC emissions. Product testing is verified by SCS who examines all VOC emission test reports for compliance with CHPS 1350 and conducts periodic manufacturing plant inspections to review product formulas, processing and quality control.
U.S. Green Building Council USGBC is the nation's foremost coalition promoting high performance green buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work. USGBC developed the LEED rating system as a voluntary, consensus-based national standard to support and validate successful green building design. Mannington has been an active member of USGBC since 1998.
MR Credit 5 - Regional Materials

IEQ Credit 4.1 - Low-Emitting Adhesives

IEQ Credit 4.3 - Low-Emitting Materials Flooring

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