SALEM, NJ, (September 24, 2015)--In celebration of Mannington's Centennial, members of the Campbell Family Assembly presented a check for $10,000 to the Olive Street Community Garden in Salem, New Jersey.  "Mannington is about to celebrate its Centennial - 100 years in business as a family owned company," said Keith Campbell, Mannington Chairman of the Board. "Part of our celebration is to give a gift to our hometown of Salem. And what a better place for us to give a gift than to a place that supports families. Congratulations to everyone who so generously donates their time and talent to this wonderful place.  To the Campbell Family Assembly, this is a further investment in Salem that we are so happy to be part of."

Mannington's Family Assembly is led by a smaller group of family members, called the Family Council. They include Carolyn Brown, John Wilkins, Tom Smith and Ian Campbell.  "The Olive Street Community Garden embodies the values we have at Mannington and passes them on to children in the Salem community," said Carolyn Brown, Mannington Family Council Chair.  "These values include helping the environment, being kind to others and doing the right thing. I think it's critical we support this effort, and to everyone involved, we say congratulations for a job well done."

Beth Davenport, Director of Lighthouse Ministry and Olive Street Community Garden coordinator, expressed appreciation for the gift as the garden continues to thrive.  She noted, "We are so grateful to the Campbell family for this tremendous gift. We are very excited that this project -which began as a partnership of 'Stand Up for Salem,' Lighthouse Ministry, Inc., and the City of Salem, with the support of the local churches and neighbors- will be able to continue and increase in its positive impact in the neighborhood."

Established in 2015 through a partnership with the 'Stand Up For Salem' organization and its Neighborhood Revitalization Grant, The Olive Street Community Garden engages local youth and helps provide fresh food to families of the youth who participate.