Mannington's Environmental Policy

Our Policy:

To assure no adverse effects of our business on the environment and the health and safety of:

  • Our associates
  • Local Communities
  • Our customers

Our Commitment:

Mannington is committed to:

  • Preventing releases to the atmosphere, land, or water in amounts that may harm human health or the environment.
  • Taking responsibility for any harm we cause the environment and making every reasonable effort to remedy the damage caused to people or ecosystems.
  • Training our associates in policies and procedures and promoting excellence in job and environmental performance.
  • Complying with and often exceeding all applicable environmental, safety, and health regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • Management systems that ensure continual environmental improvement.
  • Pursuing process and formulation improvements that incorporate the use of safer and/or more environmentally preferable raw materials.
  • Aggressive pollution prevention, waste reduction, recycling, and reclamation programs.
  • Environmentally safe waste treatment and disposal services.
  • Influencing our supply chain toward continual environmental improvement.
  • Employing environmental conscience and life cycle thinking in the design of our products.
  • Incorporating energy and water efficiency into the evaluation, selection and development of new equipment and processes.
  • Measuring environmental impacts and resource consumption on an ongoing basis to monitor our performance.
  • Identifying environmental and energy best practices at individual sites and working to implement these best practices corporate-wide.
  • Significantly reduce energy & water intensity, and greenhouse gas emissions, compared with the baseline year.
  • Leveraging our investments and government resources in the pursuit of energy efficiency and renewable energy alternatives.
  • Reviewing and setting environmental objectives to foster continual improvement.
  • Communicating this policy to all associates and making it available to the public. 

-Russell Grizzle 

President & CEO, Mannington Mills