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Smart Product

What we make matters.
Where others say, “It can’t be done,” we invest in innovative product design and manufacturing processes that keep waste out of landfills, improve closed loop recycling and reduce environmental impact. Enabling you to stand on a better world and find choices that work for your residential and commercial projects.

LOOP™ - what’s old is new again 
Billions of pounds of used flooring finds its way to landfills each year. To help, we launched LOOP™, which recycles old flooring into new. We take used flooring (Carpet Tile, VCT…) and recycle hundreds of tons of it each year into brand new flooring products that contain post-consumer recycled content, such as Relay™RE, Infinity®RE , and VCT.

VCT Reclamation
Mannington’s innovative environmental initiative to reclaim and recycle post-consumer vinyl composition tile (VCT). Partnering with various reclamation companies and VCT end-users, Mannington has been reclaiming post-consumer tile recovered during the renovation of major regional facilities that are large end-users of VCT since 2008.  As part of Mannington’s LOOP reclamation program, the construction waste is delivered to Mannington’s manufacturing facilities in Salem, New Jersey, where we recycle the tile and incorporate it as post-consumer content into several premium tile product categories, typically at a steady rate of 2%. In 2012 we celebrated a milestone of recycling well over 20 million pounds since inception.

Drywall to Flooring
When we learned about the massive amounts of drywall choking landfills, we redesigned our Premium Tile products to incorporate pulverized gypsum which is claimed from regional construction sites.

Vinyl alternative carpet backing that does more than promise – it performs
rEvolve, our closed loop recyclable thermoplastic olefin modular carpet backing, contains over 40% recycled content including a minimum of 10% post-consumer. Designed to be fully recyclable without the enormous expense of energy required for other carpet backings, rEvolve also meets rigorous Mannington performance standards, which we ensured through extensive testing prior to launch.

Premium rubber flooring
Our premium rubber performs beautifully as floor tiles, wall base, stair treads and finishing accessories. Launched in 2009, we are already pursuing ways to incorporate recycled materials into this product line, as part of our goal to include significant recycled content in every Mannington Commercial product.

Engineered Hardwood – a more efficient use of resources
Our beautiful hardwood floors use less natural resources (and are more durable) than solid wood floors, because instead of cutting planks out of each log, we peel them into sheets, which are bonded together in cross-grained layers, making it less susceptible to warping, cupping, buckling, and other problems. Our wood floors are engineered to use half as many trees as solid wood floors, with more renewable species used for inner piles.

New, improved inks
Our chemists developed new ultra-low VOC inks that reduce energy and eliminate the use of solvents, yet outperform other inks. Other water-based inks can contain volatile organic compounds, so we knew there had to be a better way.

Dematerialized construction flooring
We have developed products with lower face weights, dematerializing the product and reducing shipping weight, while still performing to our standards. The tighter loop delivers the same amount of cushioning, noise-reduction and durability while allowing for easier maintenance.

Rapidly renewable bamboo
Few plants grow as fast as bamboo. This grass is ready to harvest in about five years, and needs little fertilization or pest control. Add in strength and durability, and Mannington Bamboo is a natural hard-surface flooring choice. The planks are similar to those of hardwood, and the bamboo comes in a vertical or horizontal pattern, and in dark and light color choices.

70% recycled content laminate
Laminate is a popular choice because of its great performance on the floor, but it also has superior environmental attributes. The core of laminate flooring is high-density fiberboard made from sawdust, wood shavings and other wood waste from saw mills and log processors – which is recycled and compressed into the dense fiber board core. Mannington’s finished laminate product is generally over 70% recycled content by weight. The visual for our laminate is printed with water-based inks; the durable finish coat and adhesives are low VOC content. In fact, our laminate has been certified for indoor air quality per California Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) guidelines, third party certified to the FloorScore IAQ program, and complies with California Air Resources Board (CARB) I and II.

Beautiful carpet made from scrap yarn
ArtCraft™ and ArtWorks™ offer innovative solutions to using scrap yarn. Both collections are about doing the right thing inside and out--a beautiful visual on the cover and a real reason for the content. The ArtCraft Collection is made entirely of post-production yarn--yarn that in the past might have been sold and downcycled, and ArtWorks™ builds on those ideas and technologies and is made entirely of post-production type 6,6 nylon that would otherwise have been downcycled.