"Cultivating bird migration for pest control"

Our headquarters in southern New Jersey is located in one of the region’s largest tidal wetlands. As a result, there are insects, some of which are attracted to our product components & become easily trapped in the wet ‘wearlayer’, possibly resulting in defects. 

Since the mid-1980’s, we’ve been using a more natural option than pesticides by installing houses for Purple Martins, birds that migrate from Brazil to the United States for the summer months – & that eat massive amounts of insects. 

This “Purple Martin Project” has proven to be an environmentally friendly & cost effective way to deal with the insects. Today, Purple Martins east of the Rockies are entirely dependent upon man-made houses – which on our property are found adjacent to the manufacturing buildings. With the help of our birds, & the continuing use of screens & bug-proof entries, our insect challenge is now more manageable.


Mother Nature can be tough. 2016 & 2017 were challenging seasons for migratory birds, including the Purple Martin. The colony that calls Mannington's Salem, NJ location home, and generally all martin colonies in the northeast, struggled with a long cool wet spring when conditions were hard and their food scarce. 2018 was better and the results show this with the colony at Mannington and we continue to manage one of the most premier and larger colonies in this region. The Purple Martins left in early August as they always do and are making their way back to South America…until we see them again next spring.