Mannington's Internet Purchasing Policy

Policy on Flooring Purchases Made via the Internet
At Mannington Mills, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality flooring and best service in the industry. In order to protect that mission, our products are sold through a network of authorized Mannington dealers in the United States and Canada.

The Internet is a useful tool for researching companies and the products they make. Mannington's website, for example, offers product information as well as a state-of-the-art room visualizer to assist in the flooring selection process. However, when it comes to the purchase, there is no substitute for personal, professional service and installation. Flooring is a substantial investment, and we highly recommend that consumers purchase flooring from a Mannington retailer in order to get the best service both during and after the sale.

We urge you to consider the following points before you make a Mannington flooring purchase:

  • Professional installation is key to the long-term performance of your Mannington floor, and key to your satisfaction. The number one cause of consumer dissatisfaction with flooring performance and appearance is poor installation. Mannington retailers have access to a network of professional installers who are proficient in installing all of our flooring products.
  • Only first-quality merchandise is covered by Mannington's product warranty.

If you have any questions or would like further information please call 1-800-482-9527 or Contact Us.


Mannington's Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

Mannington’s MAP Policy Frequently Asked Questions
The goal of the Mannington’s MAP policy is to protect Mannington’s strong brand and reputation as a top producer of high-performance, high-quality flooring products. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions, but please refer to our full MAP policy for detailed guidance.


Q: Does a reseller need to list pricing on products that it is selling over the phone or email?
A: Yes. Any sale in any media outside of a physical showroom, including advertising where a reseller’s website or digital property is used to encourage customer contact must list MAP pricing or above without exception.

Q: Can a reseller state, “Add floor to cart to see price?”
A: No. The price must be listed on the product page where no other action is needed for a consumer to see the price.

Q: Can a reseller state something like, “Call for best pricing?”
A: No. Any statements that may lead a consumer to believe that they will get a better price by contacting a reseller is a violation. This also includes wording similar to call for “awesome”/ “special”/ “secret”/“sale”/ “mystery”/ ”X” pricing. Any wording used to lead a consumer to believe they may receive a price different than what is listed online is a violation. This also applies to “Email for pricing,” “Chat for pricing,” or any similar action that a consumer could to take to receive a better price is a violation.

Q: Can a reseller use promotional pricing when advertising Mannington flooring products?
A: Promotional Pricing can be used only if the promotional pricing is at or above MAP.

Q. What are some examples of advertising language that is prohibited under the policy?
A. Below is a list of examples advertising wording and concepts that are deemed violations of the policy. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list but rather illustrative of language that is a violation.
- Call for Price
- Call for Pricing
- Text for Price
- Chat for Price
- Call for Sale Price
- Email for Price
- Call for best Offer
- Call for Best Price
- View pricing in cart
- Price crossed off
- Get Coupon
- Lucky Price
- Clearance Sale
- Lowest Price
- Lowest Price Guarantee
- Request a Quote for Best Price
- Found a better price? Ask us to Beat it
- Our prices are lower than anything you have seen listed online.
- Language intended to circumvent the policy, including expressing displeasure with the policy. For example, “Due to our manufacturer’s pricing restrictions, we are not able to advertise our low prices on Mannington products” or “Click through our shopping cart or call toll-free XXX or e- mail XXX for the lowest prices on the web. You’ll save up to 30% off retail prices!”

Additional concepts that constitute violations:
- Price matching
- Discount
- Different pricing in cart
- Coupons

Q. Can a reseller request that a customer “Call/Email/Chat for a complete quote” or projects which may include moldings, underlayments, sundries, or other installation items or accessories?
A. Yes, in order for a reseller to provide a full quote to complete an entire job/project. Additional requests that are permitted under such circumstances include: “Call for Assistance,” “Request Quote,” and “Call for Quote”

Q. Can a reseller list MAP Pricing and also state, “Call for Price”?
A: A reseller cannot say “Call for Price”; however, it may say “Request for Quote". In addition, a reseller cannot use price matching.

Q: Can a reseller list MAP pricing but ultimately sell at a different price?
A: Resellers are free to sell Mannington products at any price they choose subject to any of Mannington’s other pricing policies, including its Minimum Resale Pricing Policy.

Q: Does the MAP Policy apply to off quality dropped or builder grade products?
A: The MAP price applies to first quality products and any Mannington product included in the Policy. There is no MAP pricing for non-display promotional products, builder grades, or drops.



We acknowledge and thank the resellers who have reached out to us and have made the appropriate changes to be in compliance with the policy. We appreciate your time and efforts to work within our policy. We appreciate your support of helping Mannington to maintain our strong brand in the market. And, last but not least, we appreciate your business and partnership.

If you have any questions regarding the policy, please email us directly at

If you are a Mannington Retailer or Distributor, please log into for more information.