A Cup of Joe


Joe Amato is Mannington’s Vice President of Residential Styling. Along with his styling team they act as style gurus, researching trends and translating them into flooring inspiration through color, texture and attention to detail. Join them here each month as they dish on style and design trends that you can use to make your home more beautiful.



How We Make Color Work at Mannington
By Ed Finlaw       

In interior design, nothing wows quite like color. And because floors visually ground interiors from a design point-of-view, it’s important to get the colors of them right. So how do we make color work when creating floors for your home? The process is more involved than you might think.





My Style Inspiration? Fashion!
By Cristen Del Bove       

"In the twelve years I’ve been with Mannington, I’ve learned that fashion plays a huge part in what people choose for their decor, including flooring." See how Cristen looks to fashion magazines and runway shows for inspiration when designing floors.





How Mannington Designs Floors You’ll Love Now and Forever
By Renee Cannon       

We always hear—“How does Mannington come up with floor designs that our customers always love?” Read this blog to find out how our design team finds inspiration and trends.





Mannington's "2018 Color of the Year"
By Terry Marchetta       

As sophisticated as a fine glass of bubbly, Champagne Toast is Mannington's "2018 Color of the Year." We love the upscale simplicity of this soft neutral metallic and how it works with trendy colors like neutral pastels, smoky hues and jewel tones. Read this blog to see Champagne Toast paired with our favorite 2018 color palettes.





Welcome to "A Cup of Joe"
By Joe Amato       

Do you ever wonder who comes up with Mannington’s flooring designs, how trends are identified and why certain patterns and colors are selected? Meet the team of designers who work together to create flooring that brings a room to life through pattern, color, format and character.  



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