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House of Blues

Pop open a crayon box and ask anyone--child or adult--to pick their favorite color.  They're likely to choose blue. This sky-high hue is a longtime favorite of just about everyone and for good reason.  Psychologically, the color blue soothes, energizes and calms.  It's also looks good with just about every color.  In short, blue plays well with others.

Blue is back in the fashion spotlight as an “it” color.  Designers are once again turning to it as part of their must-have color palette for interiors. We adore this combination den/guest room created by New York designer Jamie Drake.

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Drake, whose international clientele is a Who's Who of famous names, is known as the “king of color” for his bold use of hues.  In this room, blue is his muse.  Drake uses blue textured wallpaper to make walls pop and create the illusion of a larger space.  He also shows how easy it is to create layers of interest by mixing wildly blue patterned pillows and bolster atop a handsome blue and creme striped sofa.

When we saw this room, it also reminded us that blue is part of nature's color wheel alongside green, yellow and brown which is why the wood floor looks right at-home paired with the blues.

For a similar look, check out our Revolutions Plank Collection Burlwood laminate flooring. Its' micro-beveling and unique size deliver the natural look of wood without the maintenance.   In this kid's bedroom, Burlwood is a particularly smart pick.

Not only does it set a stylish tone alongside blue walls, laminate flooring is virtually kid-proof.  Kids can roughhouse with toys because it's up to five times more scratch resistant than wood flooring.  It also is softer than wood and delivers a warmer feel underfoot.  It's also made from over 70 percent recycled content using low-VOC inks and adhesives so there's no off-gassing, making it a safe--and stylish--option for your home.