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Raise Your Glass to “Champagne Toast”—Mannington's "2018 Color of the Year"

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By Terry Marchetta


As sophisticated as a fine glass of bubbly, Champagne Toast is Mannington's "2018 Color of the Year." A soft nude hue with brown undertones and hints of warm yellow, this is a versatile pick that creates the foundation for every color in Mannington's palette. We love the upscale simplicity of this soft neutral metallic and how it works with trendy colors like neutral pastels, smoky hues and jewel tones. And how Champagne Toast transitions across the design spectrum, anchoring interiors of all types with quiet, steady confidence and…lots of style. See Champagne Toast paired with our favorite 2018 color palettes below.

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018: Ultra Violet

Credit: Pantone, Mannington

When paired with Ultra Violet, Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year, Champagne Toast provides a warm backdrop against which this vibrant hue really pops when used for pillows, vases or other accessories. For similar impact, layer in a color that's particularly hot in flooring—gray. Try Champagne Toast and Ultra Violet with Mannington's Adura® Max Meridian (Steel color shown) flooring for a modern urban chic look.

Neutral Pastels

Credit: Mannington

Want a fun, retro vibe? Mix Champagne Toast with neutral pastels like peach, sea foam and taupe. Furniture and cabinets look very of the moment when in peach or sea foam, and contrast beautifully against wood accents, light fixtures and shelving in Champagne Toast. Draw attention downward with a warm brown focal point floor that has a taupe undertone—like Mannington's Historic Oak (Slate color shown) laminate. 

Jewel Tones

Credit: Mannington

For an updated classic look, pair Champagne Toast with jewel tones like emerald, ruby and sapphire. Together, they infuse interiors with a richness every home needs. Layer in jewel colors like these through upholstery, accessories and even plants.  Pick up hues of Champagne Toast with Mannington’s Iberian Hazelwood (Macadamia color shown) hardwood floor.

Smoky Hues

 Credit: Mannington

To glam up your look up, mix Champagne Toast with smoky hues like dusty rose and gray. This combination adds undeniable elegant "wow" when used on walls and accent pieces like pillows, throws and frames. A showy floor with a highly decorative pattern (another hot trends), like Mannington’s award-winning Filigree (Iron color shown) LVS, is the perfect pick to complete this look.

Ready to drink in color this year? Pop the cork on Champagne Toast and see why Mannington has named it “2018 Color of the Year!”


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