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Welcome to “A Cup of Joe”

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Do you ever wonder who comes up with Mannington’s flooring designs, how trends are identified and why certain patterns and colors are selected? Those are a few things we’ll be sharing in our styling department’s blog, “A Cup of Joe,” which launches today.


I’m Joe Amato and I’ve been a Mannington designer for 38 years. Now as Vice President of Residential Styling, I lead a talented team of designers who work together to create flooring that brings a room to life through pattern, color, format and character. From elegant hardwood visuals to realistic interpretations of stone and marble looks, our team of visionaries delivers what homeowners want today while helping steer the path that flooring design and trends take in the future.

I’m often asked what it takes to design our beautiful floors; where do I start? It all begins with a basic understanding of today’s home fashion trends. As a designer for nearly four decades, I’ve seen many home styles and color trends come and go—and then come back again. Remember baby boomer classic colors like avocado and harvest gold? How about seafoam green and pastel peach? And what about black and white—a timeless classic combination? I’ve also seen unlikely colors move into the style spotlight—like gray. Gray emerged a few years ago in all facets of home fashion and now is seen everywhere, even in hardwood and wood-look flooring.


Designs ideas also come from the power of observation because inspiration can come from anywhere. For example, one time I was walking through the streets of Italy with my wife but instead of noticing the amazing architecture, I couldn’t help but stare downward at the cobblestones and think about how they’d look as flooring. Always looking down is an occupational hazard! By combining inspiration with creative and technical development, as well as customer research and feedback, our flooring designs take shape and become real.

Because of the vast number of flooring designs Mannington offers, you may be surprised to learn that the size of our residential design department could fit into a compact car. We are small but mighty! I’d like you to meet our team—who along with me—you’ll be hearing from in the coming months. Terry Marchetta, Renee Canon, Ed Finlaw and Cristen Del Bove live, breathe and dream flooring. Together, we design Mannington’s award-winning hard surface flooring products that include hardwood, laminate, sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl tile.


  Cristen and Renee Joe Terry and Ed

Whether you’re looking to add new flooring to your home now or are dreaming about a project in the future, we invite you to follow our blog. Every month, take a break and join us for…A Cup of Joe! 



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