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How Mannington Designs Floors You’ll Love Now and Forever

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By Renee Cannon


February may the designated month for getting to the heart of the matter with flowers, chocolates and declarations of devotion, but here at Mannington we started feeling the love before the calendar page turned. That’s because on January 30th we debuted our new flooring designs at Surfaces, our industry’s largest showcase of new flooring products.

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As we watched retailers tour our booth for their sneak preview, our hearts were warmed by the question we kept hearing—“How does Mannington come up with floor designs that our customers always love?” Well, here’s how.

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Our design team does lots of trend research, in both home and apparel, because what struts the catwalk often finds its way into the home, too. We analyze current and evolving trends as they apply to color and design, looking for ways to make them relevant in flooring. We participate in professional design and color organizations to stay on top of what’s happening throughout our industry and to help us identify upcoming trends.

Credit: Mannington

For example, we took the trend of decorative encaustic tile and interpreted it into sheet vinyl. That’s how we came up with this new pattern called “Tapestry.” This modern spin on the trend got a lot of love from everyone at Surfaces and it’s easy to see why! 

We also draw inspiration from things in everyday life, like the color and shapes found in an old cobblestone street or the texture of trees in a forest. As Joe Amato, our Vice President of Residential Styling, says, “Inspiration can come from anywhere.” That’s advice we really take to heart and why you’ll often find us looking up, down and all around for something that’ll get our creative wheels turning. 

 Credit: Mannington


That’s how our new Adura® Max Apex “Spalted Wych Elm” pattern came about. When we found a piece of old Elm at a lumberyard and saw its intriguing streaky ‘spalted’ look, it was love at first sight!  However, elm in no longer plentiful in the U.S. so creating it as a hardwood surface was out. Still, we loved the look and knew it would translate well into flooring. So we digitally enhanced the grain and spalting and introduced it in January at Surfaces as an Adura® Max floor. Rave reviews swiftly followed!

By pairing research with inspiration from the world around us, we design floors that romance the senses, make hearts skip a beat and create a stylish swoon or two. 

At Mannington, we believe that home is where the heart is. That’s why we design floors this way. We want you to love your floors—and home—now and forever. 

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