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My Inspiration: Eclectic Style

By Terry Marchetta


Credit: Terry Marchetta, Mannington

Variety is the spice of life. That’s what eclectic style is all about and why I love it. Mixing elements from a variety of periods and decorating points-of-view is how to create interiors that are original, unique and revealing in what they say about the people who spend time in them.


Credit: Terry Marchetta

Come into my home and you’ll learn that I’m into the past, present and future. That’s because I combine family heirlooms with treasures from my travels and hip, fashion-forward elements for a look that’s very personal, yet stylistically relevant.

Although eclectic interiors like mine combine varying elements, I’ve learned that it takes more than a mash-up of stuff you love to master the mix.  Here are some tips to remember:

• Resist the temptation to over-do it. Clutter equals visual chaos. Less is more. Be purposeful in what you place where. In short, curate, curate, curate.

• Although personal tastes in color vary, always incorporate neutrals hues to unify eclectic elements and create a common thread. Black, navy, gray and brown are good ones to try.

• Fabric is an easy way to create a cohesive patterned visual. Layer in texture for warmth, depth and contrast.  

• Use some of your favorite things to personalize and liven up your home.  For me, that means layering family heirlooms with items from my travels.  Family heirlooms infuse interiors with a sense of history. Going to places and bringing back elements rich in culture and heritage, in turn, influence the color combinations, patterns and design techniques I use.

• Start with the floor and work your way up. Because floors are such a large design element, they have transformative power.  By working with patterned flooring across an entire room instead of in a single area (like with a piece of furniture, drapes or an accent piece), and then accessorizing to it, you can create a custom, one-of-a-kind look destined to turn heads. 

Here are two ways we do that at Mannington.



Credit: Terry Marchetta

When I spotted this piece of old wrought-iron in Beijing, China, its beautiful pattern caught my eye. Painted in a vibrant orange hue, this classic design element had a modern feel and is in keeping with the decorative pattern resurgence in design.

Credit: Mannington

Inspired by vintage ornate metalwork like this, Mannington’s Filigree LVS floor is a weathered, timeworn look with a vintage floral motif in soft gray hues that draws the eye across this kitchen with lots of style.

Credit: Terry Marchetta

Sometimes, I find inspiration in them most unlikely places.  This alleyway, although not attractive on its own, is filled with lots of color and texture variation created over time as its concrete walls and floor aged. 


 Credit: Mannington


Spaces like this inspired Mannington’s Patina LVS floor that delivers the authentic look of naturally-aged concrete. This floor’s unique 12” x 24” rectangular pattern creates lots of subtle pattern and texture contrast, and acts as a pattern-mixing foundation element in this mud room.


Eclectic style is all about mixing together the things that speak to your heart every time you walk into a room. That’s why I love this look and I bet you do, too.





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