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Picture This in a New Way

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By Cristen DelBove


Credit: Cristen DelBove

Recently, I came across some piles of reclaimed wood that caught my eye and imagination. “Where did they come from?”, I wondered.  In a former life, were they sturdy barn walls? Perhaps a rambling fence along a country road? Or walked on by generations of students in a centuries-old schoolhouse?  While these questions remain unanswered, I do know this: from such speculation came my inspiration for a new floor in Mannington’s Restoration Collection® called Keystone Oak


Credit: Mannington

With planks in varied widths and lengths, Keystone Oak is a rustic elegant look that conjures images of bygone eras when mills sought to use every bit of wood harvested from trees so waste would be limited. However, this laminate floor is firmly footed in the here-and-now, too.  It’s made with SpillShield® technology that delivers 72-hour moisture resistance and ScratchResist® protection that makes it up to five times more scratch resistant than wood. Keystone Oak is also eco-friendly and 100% Made in the USA.


When author J.R.R. Tolkien wrote this, I wonder if he had designers like me in mind.  Sometimes my creative path may seem unclear, yet the journey always leads me right where I need to be…face-to-face with something to picture in a new way—as flooring that makes homes more beautiful and easy to live in.





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