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Problem-Solving Floors

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Today’s homeowners want gorgeous floors that are also grounded in reality when it comes to durability and upkeep.  That’s why at Mannington, we make floors that are more than just a pretty face. Our floors are designed to solve problems that many homeowners encounter on a day-to-day basis, too.

Problem: I want hardwood floors but my home is built on a slab foundation.


Solution:  Mannington engineered hardwood floors

Mannington engineered hardwood floors can be installed direct to concrete, as well as below grade. They’re more stable than a single piece of solid wood so they won’t buckle, gap, cup or twist. That makes Mannington hardwoods, like Cider Mill Hickory  (which taps into the popular trend of reclaimed wood), a great choice for homes on a concrete slab or with a basement application.

Problem:  I’d love to have a wood floor in my bathroom but worry about damage to it from water spills.


Solution: Mannington ADURA® Max floors

ADURA®Max floors are crafted with a HydroLoc™ 100% waterproof core, making them a smart pick for spaces where spills and splashes happen. And this Cape May luxury vinyl plank floor looks so much like sun-weathered wood, you’ll do a double-take.

Problem: We want stylish floors but have kids who act like, well, kids.


Solution: Mannington Restoration Collection® floors

Mannington’s Restoration Collection® floors, like Seaview Pine (a weathered wood look with a relaxes beachy vibe), have 72-hour moisture resistant SpillShield® protection; so spills, messes and muddy little feet don’t matter. Can’t get more kid-friendly than that.

Problem:  I love the luxe look of marble, but not the upkeep. 


Solution:  Mannington LVS floors

Unlike real marble that has to be re-sealed over time to keep its good looks, this Lattice LVS floor (which looks like natural Carrara marble in a chic basketweave pattern) is super easy to maintain. Gentle soap and water are all that’s needed to clean most spills, and because this is a luxury vinyl sheet floor, there’s no grout to scrub either.  Like all Mannington LVS floors, Lattice is also made with ScratchResist® surface protection technology that creates a surface so tough, it wears away the ridges on a quarter.

Got a flooring problem to solve? We design floors that’ll do that…and more.