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Life Of The Party Floors


During the holidays, homes are a lot like people. Both need style and stamina to survive.  Help your home impress without duress with floors like these…


People -and pets- can party hearty on a Norwegian Oak hardwood floor. A modern Nordic look that creates a calm, restful feel, this floor is is crafted with Mannington’s Scratch Resist® surface protection that creates a surface so tough it wears away the ridge on a quarter. 


Kitchens see lots of action this time of year. Whether you’re cooking by committee or with the help of a little chef wannabe, ADURA®Max APEX Aspen has got you covered.  A rich, refined European Oak design with authentic texture and color from plank to plank, this floor features ScratchResist® surface protection, too, and is also waterproof.

Soon, guests will be arriving and ready to party. Are you and your floors ready?