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Mannington Makeovers: Step Inside a Stunning Bohemian California Home Remodel

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When Luke Z., father of three, husband, advertising aficionado and California homeowner renovated his house, he enlisted the help of Adrian, founder of Interior Wanderer, a full-service design atelier in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Taking the house down to the studs and starting with a blank slate, the end result is nothing short of stunning. We got a chance to talk to both Luke and Adrian about the style of this modern Bohemian home makeover and why Mannington floors were a great fit. 

Photo Credit: Interior Wanderer. Flooring Details: Mannington Hardwood Sanctuary, Color: Fresh Air

Which Mannington floors were used in this home and what made you choose them?

Luke: We went with the latest and greatest Sanctuary Fresh Air hardwood throughout a vast majority of the house. The wide planks really sold me. We selected ADURA®APEX (Trellis, Color: Iron) for the mud and laundry rooms. I’m pretty sure we nailed it. 

Interior Wanderer: When identifying the floor selection, we kept a few things in mind. Since it's an open floor plan, wider planks (9.5") became a priority. This helped to keep the scale of the large, airy space intact. We 100% recommend these floors - we're currently working on a Spanish kitchen renovation and will be using Mannington floors for the remodel.   

Flooring Details: Mannington Hardwood Sanctuary, Color: Fresh Air

What inspired the design of this home?

Interior Wanderer: They were big fans of color. Our goal was to ensure we delivered on this desire while pulling through earthier elements to root the bolder palette. We accomplished this by building consistency with natural materials such as concrete-like finishes, white oak, and ceramic lighting throughout the home. 

Photo Credit: Interior Wanderer. Flooring Details: Mannington Hardwood Sanctuary, Color: Fresh Air

How would you describe this home style and how does Sanctuary fit with that style?

Luke: We like that somewhat trendy Bohemian Modern look and Mannington offers several hardwood selections that we were immediately drawn to. The toughest part was making the final decision. True to its name, Fresh Air (Sanctuary) has a nice light and natural aesthetic.  


Do you recommend designing around certain/select items in the home?

Interior Wanderer: Yes, flooring! While we know it can be a more significant investment, we believe it's critical to coordinate flooring decisions early on as it becomes the foundation for the design. Thinking through transitions from space to space at this beginning stage is important. 

Photo Credit: Interior Wanderer. Flooring Details: Mannington Hardwood Sanctuary, Color: Fresh Air

What are the top three things people should look for when shopping for floors? 

Luke: Style is the obvious answer, but I would expand on that by saying make sure you get a chance to see the product in person. Even during the pandemic, Mannington samples arrive quickly and there’s nothing quite like seeing the color and grain in person. After that I’d say durability and price are equally important, and Mannington measures up and then some in both categories.   

Interior Wanderer: 1: Width and lengths of planks! Generally, we love wider planks (at least 7") and longer planks. 2: We tend to avoid wood flooring with high variation in the planks. We prefer a more even finish. 3: Wear layer! The thicker the layer, the longer the wear.

What do you love most about your new Mannington floors and what would you say to someone who was considering these floors?

Luke: This new Sanctuary line truly stands out. We’re really proud of our new home and feel like we found a unique property with amazing views, yet everytime we welcome new guests, they immediately compliment the floors. Without fail. Almost makes me wonder if our views are all that special. In all seriousness, flooring might be the most important design decision in a remodel because it’s so prominent. Obviously I’m a tiny bit biased, but we're beyond pleased with all our Mannington floors, and I know they’ll stand the test of time.  

Do you have any additional tips for people designing a home or remodeling?

Interior Wanderer: We wholeheartedly believe that good design is a sum of its parts. At the onset of a new project, it's essential to consider the holistic picture—from the color palette to flooring to window treatments. Piecemeal design can often lead to a disjointed space due to the lack of continuity, so it's important to nail down an overall aesthetic and materials you'd love to use throughout.  

Photo Credit: Interior Wanderer. Flooring Details: Mannington Hardwood Sanctuary, Color: Fresh Air

About Interior Wanderer
Interior Wanderer is a full-service design atelier based in Marin County, CA, that offers design services in the SF Bay Area and beyond. They also create Styled Home Kits which are available for purchase through their shop. Thanks to this offering, they're deeply connected with artisans around the globe and work with them one-on-one to craft unique pieces for each home they design.

Visit their website to see more pictures of their work and be sure to check out Mannington’s store locator to browse flooring for your new project!