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Surfaces 2022: Behind the Scenes

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This year at Surfaces we took you behind the scenes to show you sneak peeks of our new 2022 product intros, flooring trends, installation demos and more. If you missed any, be sure to check out all of our videos below! 

Welcome to Surfaces 2022

Interior and Flooring Styles Of 2022 and Key Take Away Trends

Mannington's ADURA®APEX 2022 Intros

Mannington's ADURA® Selling Solution 2022 Intros

Learn How Microban® Surface Technology Works at Surfaces 2022

See Our New ADURA®APEX Display


Mannington's Hardwood and Restoration Collection® 2022 Intros

Mannington's Vinyl Sheet 2022 Intros

Installation Demo: TimberPlus™ Hardwood

Installation Demo: ScratchEraser™ Pen

Installation Demo: SimpleStairs™ Stair Tread