Sobella Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Sobella™?
Sobella™ offers comfort, style and durability thanks to its flexible fiberglass core, which provides a cushion of support underfoot.  The fiberglass is softer and more flexible than traditional "felt backed" resilient flooring, which makes it soft on your feet as well as easier to install.


Q. What products do you recommend to clean my Sobella™ floor?
We recommend frequent sweeping and using Mannington Rinse Free Cleaner or clear non-sudsy ammonia and water.


Q. Is Sobella™ durable?
Yes. Sobella™ is a very durable substance and is an excellent choice for high traffic areas or in areas with moisture, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms. Now, with NatureForm Optix™, Mannington Sobella™Flooring replicates the most realistic textures of ceramic, stone and wood ever seen in a floor. So, Sobella™ flooring is fashionable, comfortable, and indisputably durable.


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