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Picture This in a New Way

By Cristen DelBove   Credit: Cristen DelBove Recently, I came across some piles of reclaimed wood that caught my eye and imagination. “Where did they come from?”, I wondered.  In a former life, were they sturdy barn walls? Perhaps a rambling fence along a country road? Or walked on by generations of students in a centuries-old schoolhouse?  While these ... [Read More...]

Snap This, Design That

By Joe Amato   Credit: Joe Amato One of the best inventions ever—at least for us designers—are smart phones. They make it easy to take photos of objects that catch our eye with their color, texture and shape.  Random pics like these provide inspiration for many Mannington flooring designs.   Credit: Joe Amato The bark of this crepe myrtle influenced the ... [Read More...]

My Inspiration: Eclectic Style

By Terry Marchetta   Credit: Terry Marchetta, Mannington Variety is the spice of life. That’s what eclectic style is all about and why I love it. Mixing elements from a variety of periods and decorating points-of-view is how to create interiors that are original, unique and revealing in what they say about the people who spend time in ... [Read More...]

My Inspiration: European Style

By Joe Amato   While it’s true that design inspiration can come from anywhere, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Every designer has his, or her, “go to” place for that inspiration. For me, it’s Europe.  Whether I'm strolling down a narrow cobblestone street in Italy or peering into the window of a chic shop ... [Read More...]