Water is a key component in manufacturing the products we make & is a precious natural resource. Water reduction is a fundamental resource focus & we methodically work to reduce its use in our processes.

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Creating natural landscape buffers to stop erosion and runoff

Some wetlands adjoining our New Jersey location lacked a transitional area between land & water, also called a ‘riparian buffer.’ In nature, these overgrown areas next to a stream or estuary stop erosion & sediment runoff, provide cover, & offer needed food & shade to fish & animals. 

Along with the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, the US Fish & Wildlife Service, NJ Audubon Society, & local schools we planted thousands of native shrubs & trees alongside various portions of our facilities. By planting these riparian buffers we established areas of shrub-scrub habitat with a life expectancy of over 30 years (eventually succeeding to forest). These projects provide habitat for bird species of concern: blue-winged warbler, eastern kingbird, brown thrasher, prairie warbler, eastern towhee & field sparrow.


Other actions are as simple as converting mowed lawns at our facilities to natural landscaping. Creating wildlife habitats with wildflowers & native grasses reduces water use. The results are both smart & beautiful.