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Safety Policy

Mannington Mills and all of its associates firmly believe:

► The Safety and Health of our Associates is Critical to the Success of Mannington.
► We can and shall work in the safest and healthiest possible work environment.
► All injuries are preventable.
► "Getting the job done" means doing our work safely.

Our Commitment

► Our "safety in the workplace" philosophy will govern all phases of our work.
► As a condition of employment, we jointly accept responsibility with fellow associates to
ensure this goal is accomplished.

Our Responsibilities

Mannington and its associates must:
► Maintain safe and healthful working conditions.
► Follow proper operating practices and procedures.
► Communicate observed unsafe conditions and behaviors to al low Mannington to
continuously improve.
► Observe all federal, state, local and company safety and health regulations.

Tom Pendley
President & CEO, Mannington Mills, Inc.