In these unprecedented times, we believe that this is the ideal time to come together as an industryto help each other and learn from each other. With that in mind, Mannington is proud to present Stronger Togethera series of webinars that will help you navigate the issues of the day.  


Webinar #4
Tools to Help Close the Sale
Today’s consumer expects a 360° experience both in and out of the store. From simple-to-use displays and samples to useful digital tools, engaging with your customer has never been easier, or more important! Join us to learn about Mannington’s full suite of sales tools that will elevate your sales expertise and help you win customers for life.


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Webinar #3
New Products, New Technologies, and How to Use Them to Close the Sale
As much of the country is moving toward the reopening of retail stores, the next Stronger Together webinar will focus on preparing you for customers to come back into the store. Join us for insight into Mannington’s most anticipated new introductions from the ADURA® and Restoration Collection® launches.  You’ll hear the design stories behind the new floors, technology improvements, as well as firsthand experience from two successful store owners who have worked with these new products and used our virtual tools to help sell them. 


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Webinar #2

Meeting Your Customers “Where They Are” - Doing Business During COVID-19 and Beyond
Today’s business landscape looks very different than it did a month ago. Business owners and customers have had to adapt in ways that require flexibility and creativity. Hear from some successful flooring retailers about how they have been working with their customers and what their plans for re-opening look like.  

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Webinar #1

Things are changing very rapidly. Experience and insight are key to success when applying for Coronavirus Relief Options, including PPP and SBA programs. Hear from two retailers who have successfully navigated the processboth will share their personal experience and tell you what you need to know when applying for these programs.  

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SBA Loan Rules and Regulations

US Department of Treasury: Information on CARES Act

PPP Frequently Asked Questions

Department of Labor, Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employee Paid Leave Rights 



We hope you'll join us for more webinars. We sincerely believe we are stronger together.


Zack Zehner
President, Mannington Residential

Jay Kopelson
Vice President, Corporate Accounts