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Style Spotlight: ADURA®MaxAPEX Loft

At Mannington, we never compromise style when it comes to flooring. No matter what room you enter, your flooring should make a statement, while remaining easy to maintain. Meet one of our new 2019 vinyl plank ADURA®MaxAPEX introductions: Loft. Loft features small slats of wood creating a unique, seamless pattern that can complement a variety of home ... [Read More...]

A Final Cup Of Joe

At the end of this year, Joe Amato, Mannington’s Vice President of Residential Styling and expert behind the Cup of Joe blog, will retire. With his retirement fast approaching, Mannington sat down with Joe for some final thoughts... [Read More...]

Picture This in a New Way

By Cristen DelBove   Credit: Cristen DelBove Recently, I came across some piles of reclaimed wood that caught my eye and imagination. “Where did they come from?”, I wondered.  In a former life, were they sturdy barn walls? Perhaps a rambling fence along a country road? Or walked on by generations of students in a centuries-old schoolhouse?  While these ... [Read More...]