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My Inspiration: Eclectic Style

By Terry Marchetta   Credit: Terry Marchetta, Mannington Variety is the spice of life. That’s what eclectic style is all about and why I love it. Mixing elements from a variety of periods and decorating points-of-view is how to create interiors that are original, unique and revealing in what they say about the people who spend time in ... [Read More...]

My Inspiration: European Style

By Joe Amato   While it’s true that design inspiration can come from anywhere, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Every designer has his, or her, “go to” place for that inspiration. For me, it’s Europe.  Whether I'm strolling down a narrow cobblestone street in Italy or peering into the window of a chic shop ... [Read More...]

How We Make Color Work at Mannington

By Ed Finlaw    Credit: Mannington In interior design, nothing wows quite like color. And because floors visually ground interiors from a design point-of-view, it’s important to get the colors of them right.  So how do we make color work when creating floors for your home?  The process is more involved than you might think. As a colorist for ... [Read More...]

My Style Inspiration? Fashion!

By Cristen Del Bove    Credit: Mannington When interior designers meet clients for the first time, they often ask to see their closet. Why? Because how we dress reveals how we feel about color, pattern and texture which serve as the foundation for wardrobes and decorating, too. That’s also why I look to fashion magazines and runway shows for ... [Read More...]