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House of Blues

Pop open a crayon box and ask anyone--child or adult--to pick their favorite color.  They're likely to choose blue. This sky-high hue is a longtime favorite of just about everyone and for good reason.  Psychologically, the color blue soothes, energizes and calms.  It's also looks good with just about every color.  In short, blue plays ... [Read More...]

Going Au Naturel

We love the English language as much as the next person but, every now and then, we have to hand it to the French. They have a knack for taking the most common words and making them sound (dare we say) so sexy?  For instance, designers are currently ga-ga over furnishings with plain and simple ... [Read More...]

Fine Lines

 We've been fans of stripes ever since childhood when we spotted our first zebra.  To us, the rest of the zoo--even the stately giraffe and the proud peacock--couldn't make an entrance quite like the ultra cool zebra.  Decked out in bold black and white stripes, this patterned horse of sorts delivers a design lesson straight from ... [Read More...]