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Your Guide to Scandinavian & Nordic Design

If you are looking to redesign your home and appreciate the simple things in life, Scandinavian/Nordic design is perfect for you. Its focus is on minimalism and comfort and while it invites natural light and modern elements, there is no room for clutter. Learn more about what Scandinavian/Nordic design is and how you can accomplish ... [Read More...]

Surfaces 2020: Behind the Scenes

This year at Surfaces we took you behind the scenes to show you our new 2020 product intros, trends, and more. If you missed any, be sure to check out all of our videos below!  Welcome to Surfaces 2020 Flooring Styles Of 2020 and Key Take Away Trends Full Mannington Booth Tour at Surfaces 2020 Mannington's ADURA®APEX ... [Read More...]

How to Use the Color of the Year in Your Home

Your friends and family will be green with envy when you incorporate Lush, our 2020 color of the year into your home. Inspired by fashion and current home trends, Lush fits into the sage color family. It has a crisp, clean feel, yet it can be used as a warm neutral when combined with light ... [Read More...]