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Pet Friendly Decor

It’s a fact.  Americans love their pets...and how.  There are over 171 million U.S.  households with pets, according to a survey by the American Pet Products Association.  39% of homes have gone to the dogs while cats hold the key to the kingdom in 33% of households.   Whether your home is inhabited by a devoted ... [Read More...]

Bloomin' Color!

As we reflect back on this long, hot Sumer, we figure that our pals at House Beautiful are saying "Told you so!" to just anyone who'll listen. You see, these instinctively stylish editors tagged one of their top trends for 2011 as "Year of Lilly." ... [Read More...]

The Softer Side of Design

   After a hard day at work, is there anything quite like coming home and curling up on a plush sofa, then nodding off to sleep in a bed filled with fluffy pillows and cozy quilts?  Comfy furnishings make a house a home, which is why the softer side of design is forever trendy. ... [Read More...]