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Key Features

  • Patented process in manufacturing SimpleStairs®

  • Matches our and REALTA® wood look floors

  • Same superior performance as our REALTA® floors

  • Coming to ADURA®Max, ADURA®Rigid, and ADURA®Flex wood looks Spring 2024

  • Exact match creates a complete look for your home 

  • Quick and easy to install

  • One piece that fits like a glove 

  • Can be customized for a left, right, open, or wide stair

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Product Information

  • Two 48" x 14 ¼” planks per box


  • MSS 20 Low Gloss Seam Sealer

  • Triple Stick™ Adhesive

Installation Videos

SimpleStairs® Installation How To

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SimpleStairs® Demonstration

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SimpleStairs® Open Ended Steps Demonstration

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SimpleStairs® Nose Filler Demonstration

SimpleStairs® Installation How To

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