Environmentally, Eco-Friendly Hardwood

Mannington Engineered Hardwood floors offer environmental advantages over other types of hardwood floors.  From the use of responsibly harvested woods to the reuse of mill waste for energy in the manufacturing facility, Mannington firmly believes that its Actions Speak.

Environmental Attributes:

  • We promote responsible forestry

  • All Mannington hardwood products are Lacey Act compliant and the woods are responsibly harvested from Certified Mannington Vendors

  • Member of the Hardwood Forestry Fund

  • We efficiently use our raw materials and energy

  • We sell only engineered hardwood floors which use half as many trees as solid wood floors

  • Faster growing, renewable trees used for inner plies; oldest growth trees reserved for faces only

  • Our mill waste is reused for energy

  • Wood floors require less water & energy to produce than other flooring options

  • Our wood flooring promotes better indoor Air Quality

  • All Mannington hardwood products are FloorScore certified®

  • All Mannington hardwood products meet or exceed the formaldehyde levels set forth in CARB phase I and II.  The most stringent emissions laws in the world!

  • We only use UV and water based finishes that contain no VOCs