Hardwood Moldings and Trims

Moldings and trims are used to join areas of flooring with other surfaces for a finished, elegant look to your new hardwood floor. Download trim dimensions guide.

Hardwood Triumph Bronze Reducer 10 20220021

Reducer Strip

Joins the wood floor to another floor of a different height, such as resilient or low-pile carpet.

Hardwood Triumph Bronze Quarter Round 10 20223190

Quarter Round

The rounded shape creates a subtle blend between the floor and the wall. May be used with Wall Base molding.

Hardwood Triumph Bronze Baby Treshold End Cap 10 20222143

Baby Threshold

Finishes the edge where the wood floor ends. Also designed to make different floors 'fit' together, such as where wood meets high-pile carpet.

Hardwood Triumph Bronze T Molding 10 20220022


Joins wood floors in two separate rooms. Also recommended as a transition between the wood floor and another floor of approximately the same height, such as porcelain tile.

Hardwood Triumph Bronze Stair Nose Flush 10 20221103


Used to add a flush, finished look to stairs.