Don't just get hardwood. Get creative.

Crisp mountain-getaway styling is just the beginning. There is a wide range of layout possibilities with Park City. This is a hardwood with pattern versatility in mind. Unlock your imagination. Add detail to your vision. Take the beauty of Mannington hardwood even further.

Park City Herringbone Pattern Options

Mannington’s Park City is available in both a random length plank and a fixed 37.5” length plank, which we call herringbone, to allow for multiple pattern options. Use your imagination to create your own design. Here are a few patterns in the color Snowcap to get you started.


ParkCityHerringbone Snowcap HPLS37SNW1 full

Double Herringbone

ParkCity DoubleHerringbone Snowcap HPLS37SNW1 full

Square Basket

ParkCity SquareBasket Snowcap HPLS37SNW1 full


ParkCity Ladder Snowcap HPLS37SNW1 full 2