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A complete Mannington solution.

With moldings, adhesives, installation accessories, cleaners, and underlayment, Mannington has everything you need to install the floor, create a coordinated look and keep it looking new for years to come! View the success kit or browse our products below.

Cleaners/Floor Care

NameDescriptionOrder CodeProduct Category
Wood Care Kits• Takes care of minor issues that occur with a new floor • Available to match all colors • Allows you to make small repairs to scratches or scrapes on Mannington Hardwood Floors in the homeVariesHardwood


NameDescriptionOrder CodeProduct Category
Triple Stick™ Adhesive Cartridge (NEW!)• A one-part, trowel-applied, moisture-cured polyurethane wood adhesive without water or chlorinated solvents. • Once cured, the adhesive becomes a tough, flexible, water-resistant polymer that adheres to a variety of surfaces. • Learn more: View the sell sheet and spec sheet.700036ADURA®, Hardwood and Laminate
V-31 Adhesive• Nontoxic, nonflammable, light-colored, latex-based adhesive • Provides a water- and alkali-resistant bond for felt-backed floor coverings • For use over approved suspended wood underlayments; on-, above-, or below-grade fully cured concrete; and on existing smooth, non-cushioned, tightly-bonded resilient floor coverings • Learn More: View the spec sheet839835 (4 Gallon Pail); 839831 (4- 1 Gallon Pails) Resilient (RS, JS, BM)
Mega Glue• Used for gluing the tongue and grooves of boards together on floating floor installations • PVAC-based adhesive is formulated to work with Mega T&G (tongue and groove) System – unique to our laminate floors – and UltraFit (tongue and groove) System – unique to our hardwood floors600021Hardwood
MT-711 Adhesive• Pressure sensitive, solvent free, and acrylic based • Nonflammable, and anti-microbial with zero calculated VOC’s • Learn more: View the spec sheet849886 (4 Gallon Pail); 849889 (4- 1 Gallon Pails) ADURA®Flex, Sheet (LVS, SPR)
Ultra-Spread™ EZ Adhesive• Ultra-Spread™ EZ Adhesive is a one part trowel applied moisture cured urethane adhesive • Learn more: View the spec sheet801372Hardwood

Commercial Main Street Adhesives

NameDescriptionOrder CodeProduct Category
V-81 Adhesive• Premium Latex, non-flammable with strong moisture and alkali resistance; Easy application, VOC Compliant with fungicide protection.849846 (4 Gal Pail) 862914 (1 Gal Pail)Resilient (RS, JS, BM)
V-82 Adhesive• Solvent-free acrylic adhesive providing an extremely strong bond; Easy application, VOC Compliant with fungicide protection.849882 (4 Gal Pail) 800282 (1 Gal Pail)Non-Felt Backed Sheet and all LVT
V-88 Adhesive• Transitional Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for use in high moisture conditions.802387 (4 Gal Pail) 804588 (1 Gal Pail)Non-Felt Backed Sheet and all LVT
V-95Adhesive• Solvent-free two-component epoxy for heavy rolling loads in commercial environments.800291 (1 Gal Kit)Non-Felt Backed Sheet and LVT
XpressStep for LVT and Sheet• Immediate use after final rolling adhesive, good for high moisture conditions and heavy rolling loads.700116 (6 Cans per Car) 800005 (Winter Pack 6/Car)Non-Felt Backed Sheet and all LVT


NameDescriptionOrder CodeProduct Category
Mannington Underlayment• A six-foot-wide vinyl-coated sheet. • Designed to be used as an underlayment with ADURA® floors when the subfloor is not suitable for a fully adhered resilient product or when removal of the flooring system is being considered. • Can be used for all categories as floor protection during installation and constructions.8 - 85sq yards; 8LG- 170 sq yardsAll categories
Mannington Silent Solution Underlayment• Helps to extend the life of and level of satisfaction with the floor. • Provides sound deadening. • Helps with minor subfloor irregularities by adding resiliency to the floor.765 sq ft per roll - MSS1ADURA®, Laminate, Hardwood
WHISPER 3N1®Underlayment• Multi-use underlayment. • Serves as a comfort, sound, and moisture barrier. • Thin, light, and dense, making it easier for installers to work with it on the job site. • Learn more: View the spec sheet.300 sq ft per roll - 700800Laminate, Hardwood
COMFORT- BARRIER®II Underlayment• Our most economical underlayment. • A foam underlayment designed for use on above-grade subfloors ONLY.300 sq ft per roll - 600002Laminate, Hardwood
Aqua Barrier II Laminate Underlayment• An all-in-one underlayment sheeting with moisture barrier. • A combination foam cushioning, moisture barrier film, and a built-in edge sealing system for when more than one sheet is needed in the installation area. • Designed to be used on subfloors where moisture is a concern.300 sq ft per roll - 600001Laminate, Hardwood

Molding & Trim Options

Matching ADURA® Moldings

Name Description
Stairnose (94") Used to add a flush, finished look to stairs. Stairnose also comes with a shim to create an overlap profile for use as a step nose with floating floors.
T-Molding (94")Provides a smooth transition between the ADURA®Floor and the floor covering in the adjoining room. T-Molding is designed for floor surfaces that are the same height.
Multipurpose Reducer (94")Multipurpose Reducer is for joining the floor to another floor of different height or carpeting.
Quarter Round (94")The rounded shape creates a subtle blend between the floor and the wall. It should be attached to the vertical surface, not the flooring itself.
End Cap (94")Typically used at exterior sliding doors, high pile carpet, ceramic tile or fireplace hearth.

More information:

Transition Installation Guide

Coordinating Hardwood Moldings

Reducer StripJoins the wood floor to another floor of a different height, such as resilient or low-pile carpet.
Quarter RoundThe rounded shape creates a subtle blend between the floor and the wall. May be used with Wall Base molding.
Baby ThresholdFinishes the edge where the wood floor ends. Also designed to make different floors 'fit' together, such as where wood meets high-pile carpet.
Step DownProtects and beautifies step and stair edges, which take most foot traffic.
T-MoldingJoins wood floors in two separate rooms. Also recommended as a transition between the wood floor and another floor of approximately the same height, such as porcelain tile.
Wall BaseBorders the floor at the base of the wall to give the room a finished look. May be used with Quarter Round molding.

Coordinating Restoration Collection® Moldings

Reducer StripFor joining laminate floors to another floor of different height, such as resilient or low-pile carpeting.
Quarter RoundThe rounded shape creates a subtle blend between the floor and the wall. May be used with Wall Base molding.
End CapTypically used at exterior doorways to finish the space where the laminate floor ends. It’s also used to transition from a laminate floor to a carpet.
Step NosingUsed to add a finished look to steps and stepdowns, Step Nosing comes in either an overlap or flush- mounted profile (select styles). With the overlap style, the lip overlaps the flooring on the top or “tread” of the stair or step down. With the flush style, the nosing fits up against the flooring to create a smooth transition.
T-MoldingProvides a smooth transition between a laminate floor and the floor covering in the adjoining room. T-Molding is designed for floor surfaces that are approximately the same height. It’s also used as an expansion joint when covering large areas with laminate floors.
Wall Base*This molding borders the laminate floor at the base of the wall to give the room a finished look. May be used with Quarter Round molding. *Wall base only available for certain Mannington laminate floors.

Installation Accessories

NameDescriptionOrder CodeProduct Category
ADURA®Luxury Grout• Acrylic grout designed to complement ADURA®Vinyl TileVariesADURA®
ADURA®Luxury Grout Sponge & Clean-up Kit• Includes a sponge and two 3M scrub pads • To be used with Mannington ADURA®Grout800097ADURA®
Universal Tapping Block• Install your new flooring while protecting the flooring from damage • This tapping block protects the tongue or edge of the plank during installation, resulting in a tight seam between planks801926ADURA®, Laminate
SpillShield®Applicator• Used to install Restoration Collection®floors with SpillShield®for more moisture protection381771Laminate
MLG33 Low Gloss Seam Sealer• Two-part seam sealer is designed for Mannington products with low-gloss urethane-based wearlayers • One kit will seal approximately 70 lineal feet of seams832233Sheet (LVS, SPR, RS, JS, IMS)
MSS20Standard Gloss Seam Sealer• Designed for seam sealing all resilient vinyl flooring products with a vinyl wearlayer832202Sheet (BM, IMP)