Tell Us About Your Shopping Experience

Tell Us About Your Flooring Shopping Experience

If you qualify and complete all surveys, you will earn a $500 Visa or Amazon gift card of your choice.

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We Want To Hear Your Complete Flooring Shopping Experience

Mannington is committed to being the best flooring company in the industry, to achieve this we need your help. We're seeking a select group of homeowners in the United States to participate in a series of surveys to share your insights of your flooring shopping process.

By completing all the surveys, which will take up to 3 hours in total over the span of a few months, you'll receive a $500 Visa or Amazon gift card of your choice.

Fill out the survey to see if you qualify. We'll confirm your qualification within a week.

Please note that responsiveness to our surveys is required. We value your thoughts and experiences, whether you choose Mannington or another brand. Not purchasing a Mannington floor will not disqualify you.

You must complete all surveys, including sharing your final purchase choice, to receive the $500 Visa or Amazon gift card of your choice.

Consumer Qualitative Research

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