Mannington Flooring Sustainability Green


It is no secret that everyone is talking green today. But with all of the over-promising, and the over-hyped products, it can be hard to find a company you can trust.

Mannington is a fourth-generation, family-owned company that believes in doing the right thing.  And when it comes to the environment, we simply do not over claim or mislead. We believe that our Actions Speak, and in telling the truth.

And there are good things to tell.

On these pages you will read about the flooring industry’s largest portfolio of products with recycled content, about our leadership in reclaiming significant and large waste streams from America’s landfills – carpet, VCT, and drywall – and how we have invested in redesign and redevelopment to incorporate them in high recycled content, high performance products.  

You will read about nearly 3½ acres of rooftop solar panels helping to power our New Jersey facility and which is significantly larger than any other in the flooring industry.  About innovative, non-chemical solutions to reduce insect-related product problems.  About our commitment to be a Net User of Waste, and how this is played out in programs focused on the reuse of solid waste that otherwise would add to the burden of landfills.

When it comes to the environment, we truly believe that we are changing the way our entire industry does business simply by doing the right thing, and doing things right.  Because Actions Speak.