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When it comes to waterproof flooring, vinyl plank floors are the most popular choice on the market today. Waterproof vinyl planks are available in a variety of colors, styles, and formats, making it easy for homeowners to incorporate this type of flooring into their home. You can find styles that mimic stone, tile, hardwood, marble or concrete flooring, providing you the appearance of a high-style flooring with the durability and added benefit of being waterproof.

When exposed to water, vinyl planks will not lose any structural integrity, making them perfect for any room in your home. From the kitchen to the bathroom and even the basement, vinyl plank flooring is the perfect solution for any room and household.

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Get to Know the Mannington ADURA® Vinyl Plank Family

Meet our family of four: ADURA®APEX, ADURA®Max, ADURA®Rigid and ADURA®Flex. Any ADURA® vinyl plank floor you choose offers the same incredible detail, stunning style and high-performance features below. Simply choose the ADURA® floor that best matches your lifestyle – learn more below:

Blog Post Why-Choose-Waterproof-Vinyl-Plank-Flooring Image
Blog Post Why-Choose-Waterproof-Vinyl-Plank-Flooring Image
Blog Post Why-Choose-Waterproof-Vinyl-Plank-Flooring Image

ADURA®APEX – perfect for making a statement in any room including kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, living areas, dining spaces.

ADURA®Max – ideal for sound dampening, giving you peace and quiet in homes with multiple stories or those with media rooms, music rooms and kids play spaces.

ADURA®Rigid – strong and durable with superior indentation resistance ideal for home gyms, kids’ rooms and kitchens.

ADURA®Flex – a stable and reliable glue-down floor that can be installed in long runs without transition strips, ideal for homes with open floor plans and with seniors or those with special needs.

See what everyone is saying about Mannington’s ADURA® vinyl plank floors:

Having the assurance that our floor is waterproof and scratch-resistant is a huge plus for us. I also like how quiet it is when we walk on it. My husband and I are so happy with this floor and how nice it looks in our home. -Nassika
It was so easy to install. We have three kids and two large dogs and it has been so durable and cleaning is ridiculously easy. Definitely one of my favorite choices for the house renovation we did! -Mackenzie F.**

We would absolutely recommend Mannington flooring to all of our followers, friends and family. When my family was in from Connecticut recently they just couldn’t believe that we did not have hardwood floors within our home. Tricks on them. Not only do they look like wood floors but they feel even better underneath your feet. We have had a Pergo flooring in a previous home and within a month we had chipping. -Jennifer T.


Looking to incorporate waterproof vinyl planks into your home design? Find ADURA® at a store near you.

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