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ADURA®Rigid features a solid plastic core that gives the floor superior indentation resistance, doesn't need to acclimate before it's installed, and it can handle wide temperature ranges. The perfect floor for busy households and furry family members, with Microban® surface protection and a premium scratch resistant wearlayer. Also great for kitchens, home gyms, and cabins.

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Why Choose Our ADURA®Rigid Luxury Vinyl Floors?

  • ADURA®Rigid, a solid polymer core floor. also known as SPC, is strong and durable with superior indentation resistance, ideal for home gyms, kids rooms and kitchens

  • Withstands wide temperature changes

  • Can be installed over existing hard surface floors, including those with grout lines (like ceramic tile)

  • Superior indentation resistance

  • Features ScratchResist®, a premium scratch resistant surface protector, which helps keep floors looking newer, longer.

  • Available in both planks and tiles

  • All Mannington floors are FloorScore® certified which means they are independently tested and meet stringent indoor air quality standards. This certification also qualifies all of our floors for low VOCs








Helping to Keep Your Floors Cleaner

Microban®, which helps protect 24/7 against the growth of bacteria and remain 99% cleaner than untreated surfaces, is now available on all ADURA®Rigid luxury vinyl floors.


ADURA®Rigid Vinyl Tile

Find a variety of tile looks in today's most popular patterns and colors with ADURA®Rigid Vinyl Tiles. Available in size 12” x 24”.


ADURA®Rigid Vinyl Plank

Find the most realistic wood visuals on the market with ADURA®Rigid Vinyl Planks. Available in sizes 6” x 48” and 7” x 48”.

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ADURA® Luxury Vinyl Flooring Rigid

Microban® Surface Protection

Microban® helps to keep your floors cleaner by protect 24/7 against the growth of bacteria and remain 99% cleaner than untreated surfaces.

FloorScore® Certified

Independently certified by SCS to comply with the volatile organic compound emissions of the California Section 01350 Program

Steam Mop Approved

Kill germs, viruses and mold with a steam mop. ADURA®APEX, ADURA®Max and ADURA®Rigid, REALTA® SPC floors only

ADURA®Rigid is completely waterproof and scratchproof. I've left a sample in the doorway of my Airstream for the past few weeks and it's been walked on, had building materials dragged across it and water spilled on it and it still looks like new.

- Sheena A.

See ADURA® Luxury Vinyl Floors in Action

See ADURA® Luxury Vinyl Floors in Action


See ADURA® Luxury Vinyl Floors in Action


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